How to unlock touchpad on Acer Aspire 5532 laptop

Acer Aspire 5532

Acer Aspire 5532

Scenario: The touchpad on your Acer 5532 laptop is totally unresponsive. You’ve tried practically everything…triple-checking the configuration in your Control Panel, pressing all sorts of key combinations involving ALT, CTRL, and the Function keys, yet nothing works. You even had to resort to a workaround that involved using an external mouse.

Solution: Press the key to the left of the On/Off button. The key has a picture of a finger pressing the touchpad. So simple, so elegant, so little information out there about it.

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61 thoughts on “How to unlock touchpad on Acer Aspire 5532 laptop

  1. I would have saved myself about 2 frustrating hours, if only I had read this blog first. Thank you, it did the trick!

  2. Thanx so very much for this info on my new Acer laptop!
    I COULDNT get the touch pad to work; hense the computer guy. Was charging me $100 for a new mouse to be installed! Even he had no idea of a shut off key!
    So thanx again! VALE

  3. Thank you Allison, for your so simple, so elegant tip about the Acer Aspire 5532’s touchpad. Nothing about it, as far as I could see, in the laptop’s own manual. Very grateful that you ended my several hours of frustration.

  4. wow thanku so much, have been tryin for last 3 hours to sort out problem, even had to resort to plug in mouse, dont even know how it happened……

  5. My Laptop is an Acer Gateway notebook, 10″ and there is no such key near the power button. I go to device manager and it tells me PS2 smart pad driver software not available. I even do the update driver thing, still nothing……

  6. cant seem to get the mouse arrow to move on the screen of my laptop. Tried Fn F7 to unlock the mouse pad, it didnt work. Any other ideas?

  7. WOW!!! So, I have been borrowing my BF’s laptop for two weeks because I was going to get this repaired or buy another and ALL this time…..WOW! Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Thank goodness I decided to do some more research on this thing! Good side of things I got to use a ASUS laptop with the new I -7 technology..pretty cool.

  8. Thanks a million. It’s heart-warming to know that, when so much is is commercialized and monetized, there are fine people like you just acting in the common good!

  9. I tried the switch….it doesn’t work….keyboard works in bios, and usb keyboard/mouse combo works…..have turned the switch off on restart, then touched the switch again…nothing works….

  10. I bought a 5532 with bad motherboard and was told the touch pad didn’t work. But, I expected it to work when I put the new mobo in, but it still didn’ workt. Yesterday, I took it all apart and put in a used touch pad, still no luck. I am at work can’t wait to get home to see if it is this simple

  11. Thank You! I’ve been fussing with this for hours. I burnt my eyes reading tiny type. You fixed me with one simple keystroke. You’re a hero.

  12. Follow up on my post it was just that easy, the original owner was surprised when I showed him it was fixed. These are nice computers I put in the dual core processor got it for $5 on ebay.

  13. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again. I have spent the whole evening being frustrated about this matter because this is my daughter’s computer. It’s an Acer Aspire 5517 but your solution worked immediately. I looked up and tried several other solutions but you are the only one with the right answer. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thank you for fixing this problem for me. I spent an hour trying to resolve the problem. Listened to 10 YouTube Videos on the problem. They all led me to a dead-end. If I have any more issues I will come here for sure. Thanks. John O.

  15. I have a few Acer laptops, from old to very new. Their newest machine uses Fn + F7 to turn the mousepad on and off. What a shame they didn’t keep the little button on the left of the on/off key on all the models. Thanks for your answer for my 5532.

  16. Thank you so much! I had tried every combination of buttons the internet was telling me that pushing would fix the problem. This was so simple and I wish I’d found it a couple hours ago before I pulled out my hair! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are AWESOME!!!

  17. Thank you worked like a charm, the button next to the off on button, if its orange that means its not working, as soon as i pressed the button the orange unlit and it was working.

  18. The botton to the left of the start button is also stuck. Whenever I press it, it’s unresponsive. The light stays on, and I’m still unable to use my laptop.

  19. I had the pad unlock for a couple of year until I saw this. Luckily it wasn’t my primary computer.
    Thanks a lot!

  20. I have an acer laptop version 1511,windows 10 pro and by , mistake I have locked my touchpad , and I have tried to unlock it by pressing fn + f7 but it is not working so please help me to sort out this problem as fast as you can

    and please reply

    thank you

  21. Your instruction so simple and quick. My touch pad was locked for weeks, I had visited many web sites plus U tube and I couldn’t get the frozen pointer to move with the complicated instructions. Thank you so much for your simple solution.

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